Lol fix matchmaking

Best thing to do is find a crew of like minded people. Even if they fix the matchmaking to be crewed with "same" experience as u basicly just same level, dont say they have skill they just had lots of time. As for the mixture of experience in a open crew there is a pro element aswell not just con.

Imagine the new boatswain gets in with a PL. They can get a crashcourse, understand game and do good voyages. If they only be tied up with other boatswains On the one hand: On the other hand: My take is this With the upcoming Arena "cash grab" Rare are selling out on their "dream" of one open world of total free choice anyways. So they might as well throw in the towel and add a Filter to Random Crews also. SoT needs new players badly and making it more playable and satisfying should be a priority.

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Not saying this is the most noble solution. Up until the announcement of Arena my sympathies would have gone the other way. But at this point Rare are about to become guilty of compromising on their original "dream" anyways. A murderer is still guilty of murderer whether they kill one person or two. I have played enough that I have built up a friends list, I also have the option to use Discord to find experienced crew.

Sometimes I just jump in random open games. I don't mind helping new players, the game isn't that complicated and when you give them directions most pick it up rather fast.

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  2. Riot Games Opens Up About Matchmaking in League of Legends | dbltap.
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  6. League of legends fix matchmaking. Matchmaking Guide – Riot Games Support.
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  8. I have met new players that turned about to be really good players. Helping new players for me also helps this game developing more people to play and the more players we have the more successful the game will become which I will love because Ienjoy the game and want to continue to see it to grow. I fear you confuse throwing random people on a pile and picking or 4 together for a ship with Matchmaking. Want to do high end content or want to be assured of a competent group of people? I'd advise you to join a guild. Sadly there are no such things as guilds in sea of thieves yet.

    Best thing that's equivelent is X-box groups and Discord. Like it's been said by many before me, the more experienced players have a fixed crew and don't sail in open crew. I love joining open crew from time to time, dress myself up as a sailor and see the types of people there. Sometimes I even drop an Athena's voyage secretly, they won't know it's me and get it done too by the sheer fact that I'll teach the newer players the ropes and persist in stead of just dropping out at the first sighn of trouble.

    Given that Level is only an indication of time spent grinding and not an indication of actual skill, matchmaking based on that is pointless. And, now that there are people with two or three toons, level is even less an indication of skill. No really there's no such a thing. I thought Matchmaking was there to cover up the time it took to find 4 people for a Galleon and 3 on a Brig and 2 for a Sloop, certainly saying nothing of matching levels Most of the time Matchmaking still puts you on a boat short the requisite number of players to fill it, and then it finds the one who eat crayons first.

    Wow, got a bit of feedback to my original post. But I mean something to level out the crews you get put onto. I will directly respond to Bran-the-Ent though. Level may not indicate skill, but it indicates experience. And if you wanna go there about grinders not being good, I grinded. And I have excellent skills.

    All the time I put into the game, I know the ins and outs of everything. Be nice if you had a option to join with other legends. Friends find new things and move on - it happens. I think there are 2 solutions to your problem: You have to be logged into Xbox Live in order to play anyway. But, even if it is considered third party, it is a means of matchmaking. You simply don't like or want to use it.

    Riot Games Opens Up About Matchmaking in League of Legends | dbltap

    Level is not necessarily an indicator of skill or competence. And, since it is possible to have multiple toons, level is not an indicator of player experience. Personally, i like being able to match with all kinds of people rather than people of my level. I don't find many pirate legends that are just chill to hang out with on an open crew, and id much rather be with people without the restriction on the kinds of people that i find.

    As well as this, this means too that people who are lower levels, like those who are brand new will start out with people who are completely new too, one thing i liked doing when i joined an open crew was helping them, sometimes i'd just go on open crews just to go help people out.

    New people immediately flock to open crews as its the top of the list when the game starts and if their experience is them not even leaving the outpost that too doesn't feel right, yes i understand that people don't even want to be associated with people that can't figure out how to sail but if we have those people match with the same kinds of people they aren't going to get anywhere. Personally i feel like if your matchmaking for this game is singled out to only people who are at an equal level to you then sure you might have people who know as much and can get things done in a way you may like but also the matchmaking is going to be singled out to specific people, meaning that at a time there may be nobody at your level or in the event of trying to leave the session to hop to another because the crew is doing things like trolling or even hacking then going to another session may easily bring you back to the same one unless its expected that there are a bunch of people who are loading in an open crew at the same time, have the exact same levels and are even in the same location.

    Plus, most of my most memorable open crews have been with crews that aren't even near my level, above or below and to change that would personally ruin things for me. Maybe i'm just exaggerating on that, the only thing i could think of was maybe if it had a separate option within open crew, like matchmaking settings when starting a crew for the kinds of people you want to be matched with, i dunno.

    The implementation of autofill and bug fixes have dropped the times down again to a healthy five minute maximum on average.

    Join the Crew

    The Riot Support team has even more ambitious goals for their future, including trying to get queues down to 30 seconds for all players. Thee team is alkso testing an algorithm for placing smurf accounts and position playing in ranked. Kathleen Tonner 14 Mar League of Legends Season 9 Start Date. Something very unlucky the matchmaking works lol matchmaking can't. Warzone is going to be able to rainbow six siege's casual.

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    Riot Games Opens Up About Matchmaking in League of Legends

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    Riot Games Opens Up About Matchmaking in League of Legends

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